J.E. Service

Family Business


J.E. Service wanted more leads for projects in Greater St. Louis. They had a website, Facebook page, and were on Google, but were not seeing the results. Jim, the business owner, is Jorden Eyermann's, CDM's CEO, father. The projects were on.

CDM consulted and implemented a plan.


Use digital marketing to generate leads.


Create beneficial digital marketing material. Implement digital advertisements.


1.) Have a listening session to pinpoint J.E. Service’s unique selling proposition and brand image

2.) Redesign J.E. Service’s website for the best user experience, and search engine optimization.

3.) Add J.E. Service to prominent social media platforms, including Google, and Home Advisor.

4.) Create targeted images to represent J.E. Service online.

5.) Advertise JEService.us on the internet through Facebook, and Google Adwords.


CDM helps J.E. Service support Greater St. Louis.

J.E. Service’s website is user friendly, and the company knows better times to activate paid promotions.

Two J.E. Service Facebook promotions reached 2,718 specific people and lead 33 website clicks. The average cost per click was $2.52 in February 2018. That’s a 1.2% click rate for a home contractor, and a lead called the first 24 hours of the promotion.