Social Media

How does your company keep in contact with people? LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels are great places to design persuasive messages. A credible social media develops strong leads.


Short videos effective ways to deliver a persuasive or informative message to people. I cover the video process from preproduction to promotion. I collaborate with filmmakers ready to help you. Your video can build interest.


I will talk with you about your goals, find a unique selling point for your company, and tailor the right message. I focus on copywriting  because it is very persuasive and often shapes a marketing campaign. I bring in audiences.


Your business website is like a brochure or manual. It should lead people to the information they need and want as well as persuade them to buy your product or service. Your website can be a large lead generator.


Search engine optimization can make a big difference in promoting your website. It is one way people can find your business online. It is an ongoing process but can bring people to you.

Result Tracking

Are the promotions doing anything? Let go to the numbers. Google Analytics and other tracking methods will give valuable insight into your marketing. See the value.

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