What’s the value of social media?

It is persuasive.

The value of social media is bringing people to your brand. Social media is not a fad, and it takes planning, but it can bring in new audiences. A Harvard Business Review report said, this year, 74% of medium to large sized businesses want to use social media to to boost their customer service, and increase profitability. (Harvard) 56% of small businesses are investing in social media with the main goal of boosting revenue. (Saunders) Social media leads people to your brand, adds credibility, and business owners are expecting specific results.2017 business objectives digital outcome

People spend a lot of time on social media which means they can see your company. A study by Nielsen in the third quarter of last year looked at 9,000 smartphones and 1,300 tablet users across the country and showed that people 35 to 49 years old, Generation-X, average six hours and forty-nine minutes a week on social media. (Mosendz) People aged 18-34, Millennials, spent 39 minutes per week less than Generation-X. People aged 50 and over spent around 4 hours a week on social media. Youtube and Facebook are where people spend the most time on social media. (Cohen) There are a lot of opportunities to promote your brand.

If you have credible social media, you are more likely to drive people to your website. Try some A/B testing (Salzman). Show valuable work. Build your reputation. A GlobalWebIndex study shows 30% of the general population use social media before buying. While millennial on social media are not pressing the buy button, they are learning more about companies on social media before they buy. (Meola) A complex B2B sale will not close on social media, so the main goal in B2B is building offline relationship leading to meetings and phone-calls. (Tatum) Credible content builds a connection and can persuade people. People will like you for showing them something interesting.

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